How They Work

How Tickware products work …

Tickware uses EM® (Effective Microorganisms®) technology and paracord to create an attractive necklace for pets and bracelets/anklets for people.

EM® Ceramics are a special type of clay with the microorganisms inside that is fired at an extremely high temperature and formed into ‘beats’.

Once activated – this happens with constant skin contact – the ‘beats’ emit far infrared waves which are highly compatible with human and animal tissue.

Far infrared waves penetrate the skin where they work deep into body tissue, generating a warming effect.  They can enhance blood flow, increase circulation, remove toxins from muscles and internal organs, lower blood pressure, and improve overall body function.  NASA even uses this technology in their space suits!

More importantly for our purposes, these waves create an environment in the body in which fleas and ticks cannot thrive, and in fact, avoid.

Although there is no scientific data or research on this specific use of EM®, the evidence of thousands of pet parents (along with my own use of these since 2017) makes it clear that this technology works to protect animals and people alike from fleas and ticks.

The only ‘active ingredient’ in these products is the EM® technology, and there are no known contraindications or adverse effects, meaning they are considered safe for puppies, pets with health issues, and children.

I was introduced to EM® products in 2017, and living in a hot-bed for ticks, was extremely skeptical.  I have not had a single tick on any of my dogs since, despite offering ourselves up on a regular basis by hiking, camping, and spending a great deal of time outdoors.  Given the change in our climate in recent years, and the fact that we are not safe from ticks unless the temperature is consistently below freezing, be aware of your local ‘tick season’.  Like me, you may wish to use two necklaces per year if activity in your area lasts for more than four to six months.

No single product, including those prescribed by veterinarians, can guarantee 100% protection.  Daily tick checks are encouraged with any product.  For me, and thousands of others, this has worked and I no longer fear the chemical/pesticide/oil treatments for myself or my pets.


“EM® is a people-friendly and environmentally safe product of EMRO (EM Research Organization) that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature, such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria.  It was developed by Professor Teruo Higa in 1982.  EM® activates local and native microorganisms that live in soil and water and maximizes their natural power.  EM® brand represents a line of microbial products that are used in numerous fields including agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental purification and health care in more than 100 countries around the world.

EM® is a trademark and brand name owned by EMRO, and is used on a variety of products.”

Say Goodbye To Ticks With Tickware!