Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance for your Tickware products

  • Remember that Tickware products need time and skin contact to activate.  Most gain effectiveness in the first two weeks of wear, but for some people and pets it can take up to four weeks
  • Tickware necklaces are not to be used as a replacement for a collar – simply an accessory – please do not attach a leash
  • The beats are porous and will absorb foreign substances such as sprays, soaps and essential oils, clogging and rendering them ineffective
  • To clean your Tickware products, simply rinse under warm water while rotating the beats.  Leaving them to dry in the sun is a great idea – they love the sun!
  • Don’t worry if an EM® beat breaks for some reason – Tickware uses many more beats than required for this very reason.
  • You must use your own comfort level with wear … I am comfortable leaving my Tickware on all the time because the toggles will release room if snagged and allow my pet to get out.  Personally, I only remove them if ‘mouthy play’ is happening.  Others are more comfortable with only supervised wear.  This is totally an individual decision/responsibility, but must be made with the fact in mind that more wear equals more protection, and a conscious effort must be made to activate the beats.
  • How long your Tickware will ‘live’ depends on your geographical area.  The beats do lose ‘umph’ over time, and on average will die in 4-6 months rendering them ineffective.  If you are living in an area where ticks become active earlier in the year and remain active later (with climate change we are seeing longer tick seasons than ever now!) you may need to use two pieces per year to cover the required time span.  Remember – the temperature must fall below 0 and stay there 24/7 for at least 2 weeks in order to minimize risk of ticks.  This is still far more economical, natural and safe, than costly treatments and sprays.

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